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    From Denise:

    "I recently had my 11 year old - very, very dirty car cleaned and shampooed and was very impressed with the results. I would recommend lave auto royale to anyone looking for a professional cleaning at the most reasonable price in the ottawa/gatineau area. P.S. Customer service is excellent. Thanks again". 

     From Samantha:

                       " With all the testimonials posted, this had to be a place that values their customers. I booked my appointment for an interior shampoo, and exterior wax, it took about 3 hours to complete.

The end result was FANTASTIC, the salt was all gone !!! The interior smelled fresh, and the exterior was just gleaming. When my husband saw the work, he too was impressed. We are, with out a doubt coming back in the Spring for an exterior buff, and after winter clean-up.

                           Prices are the lowest I have seen at any professional shop, the customer service, and end result is absolutely worth every single penny. A similar package at other locations is close to $200+. I can honestly say I have found a detailing shop I will come back to again and again".

     From Eric:

                     " My overall experience was an A+. Keep up the customer service and I look forward to doing

                        business with you guys once our winter is over !"

     From Layo:

                     "Everything was complaints from me!  Thanks again for a job well done!"


     From Jared:

                   "Service was great and the car looked awesome. Happy with the work and definately worth the money."

     From Jasmine:

                    " OMG.... , my car turned out sooo shiney, I love it !"

       From Jason:

"Was expecting to pay over $450 for a full exterior 3 stage Buff, interior shampoo, vacuum, and leather treatment.

But it came out to be less than $400. The results were fabulous will always be coming here from now on. I have never gotten such a deal at any detailing shop, and the results were way better, not to mention the customer service."

         From Ashley:

" Customer service was exceptional, and for a basic exterior wash paid $10 and the worker spent about 15-20 minutes. These guys are doing it right, low price and amazing results."


       From JF Filion

"Amazing services, I was extremely surprised when I saw my car, way over my expectations!


The employee gave me good advices and recommendations. He's a very talented guy with a lot of experience who took the time to add the little final touch and fix a few extra detail. I went there to clean up and buff my car before returning a lease, I strongly recommend this place if you are returning a lease or simply for a good old cleanup. To keep it simple, my 4 years old car looks brand new...almost decided to keep it ;-)  Kudos to your team! I ll go back for sure. "

      From Mira

" After reading the testimonials I had to see the work for myself, brought in my Mazda Miata, for a clay bar, and wax along with interior cleaning.

I knew what to expect when I saw the exterior, like the pollutants on the paint were of course gone, the paint was nice and smooth.
BUT when I saw the interior I was SHOCKED, truly shocked, why you ask ?

One because, I just wanted a vacuum and wipe down of the dash, and told the guy there 'if you can get the pet hair out that would be great'. I was not expecting the guy to actually take the time to take the pet hair out.

This place goes over and Beyond your expectations and the price is unbeatable, they do not rip you off or try and sell you something you do not need. "

        From Sean

"I was just driving by, and saw this car wash. I was like, I will get a basic wash (interior+ exterior).
The guy there took his time, which I did not mind at all. The guy spent about 1 hour cleaning and I was Really happy, I mean REALLY HAPPY with the results. But get this, I came 10 minutes before closing, and he stayed open to get me in. I do not think I have seen this level of customer service !

       From Natasha

" Like WOW, incredible detailing. A car that hadnt been cleaned in a long time. AND I mean a really long time (ashamed to say).Turned out waaaaaaayyyy better than expected."

        From Laura

" They do an outstanding job. I dropped off the car for the day and when I came back it was super clean. I have been to a few detailers, and even the dealership. The results do not compare Lave Auto Royale beats the competition."

        From Kelly

" Thanks again for the fantastic job you did on my Subaru. I can't believe how clean it is; it looks like new !I'll recommend Lave Auto Royale to my friends, and I'll be back keeping our car looking so good. "